Covid Reset

We are trying as much as possible to bring author and chair together in the same place to be filmed rather than the session being recorded over Zoom.

There are a number of logistical issues in making this happen so we have made the following decision taking in to account COVID regulations re travel etc.

The first event will go out on Wednesday 26 May (2 weeks later than originally announced) with the final one on Wednesday 4 August. We will no longer follow the original programme – again for logistical reasons. But all the announced guests will still be appearing though not necessarily in that order. (Bringing to mind the Eric Morecombe sketch with Andre Previn…).

Our guests are Jim Carruth, Linda Cracknell, Tom Devine, Chris Dolan, Miriam Gamble, Peter Geoghegan, Peter Mackay, Fiona J Mackenzie, Donald S Murray, Ambrose Parry, Leela Soma. And Sunwise with Ian Stephen, Mike Vass, Christine Morrison.

If anyone has any questions they would like to put to any of our guests during their session you can email them to by the end of April.

The Highland Book Prize event, which is always held at UBF, will go ahead online on the date they had said when the winner would be announced which is Saturday 8 May. More details on that will be announced by the prize organisers (and by us) later.

Hopefully this will be the last change we have to announce. But then we had thought 2021 would have seen us back in the village hall!

Thank you to those of you who emailed good wishes to us. Even though we’ve not had a chance to reply and thank you all please be assured that they were very gratefully received. And yes, we do hope to see you back here in 2022. The dates for next year are 6-8 May.